Thursday, May 22, 2008


Pennie Azarcon Dela Cruz, Executive Editor of the Sunday Inquirer Magazine wrote this tidbit online entitled 'Our favorite cures: White flower'. To some it may sound silly, but hell yeah! Im bringing my white flower as well. Not only that--tagging along is my ever trusty mini-bottled rubbing alcohol. Call me a 'lola' all you want, but no glamorous kikay item can ever make me part with these two erm, 'medications' which I carry with me day in or out. A dab of this eucalyptus embrocation shakes off the queasiness, the itch, migraine --everything. Whenever I travel somewhere else and I feel discomfort, this 'lola in a bottle' makes sure I feel calm yet alert. Its like your 'blankie' in a bottle. Your anti homesickness remedy, the sure cure and relief (oh, rhyming). I even think of it as a self defense accesory: got someone harassing you? press your oil reeked fingers in his or her eye sockets... well, you get what I mean.

The rubbing alcohol on the other hand is the only thing that keeps me reassured whenever I use public toilets. You see, Im not a 'squatter' nor an 'hoverer' type of girl. I can't master the skill of doing number one with full accuracy, so I'd have to sit, or I miss. Or I dont let go (nuninuninu...). I cant sit on a dirty lid (and that, my friends, is why I dont like drinking water when I go out), so I clean it first. I wet tissues with water, wipe the whole thing clean--then I disinfect with alcohol. I do this all the time, so you can imagine my pregnant friends lining up in my cubicle after I use it. Its a fresh, clean bowl. I swear. (now you might be asking how I do it in highly nasty cases, when there's no water, no tissue and no toilet flush--WELL, I DONT). Aside from being a disinfectant, it can also save your life. and no--you cant use it to 'clean up' after number one. are you kidding?? get a wet tissue. maygulay...
uh-oh. this post suddenly is reminiscent of the song banyo queen. eew.

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