Thursday, May 15, 2008

Things to do:

1. finish (by this month, demet)

2. (try to remember to) announce something extremely life changing (pakers)

3. buy Miro a pasalubong uniquely Singapore (like something chinese. heh)
4. explain to Claire why being NOT her ninang, you cant give her a PSP Slim

5. or a regular one

6. nor a DS Lite for that matter.

7. make sure Clarisse (you being HER NINANG) dont hear anything re this.

8. Try Yoga. Seriously.

9. Greet all May celebrants on their respective birthdates

10. ON TIME.

11. Think details.

12. and that special INN slash commercial complex venture. heh.

La Castaneda hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico (not Pampanga, anu bah)--the first Las Vegas, as they call it.

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