Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Over overdue.

Patawa 101:
You were almost done with a juicy blog entry when the object of your ‘kwento’ gives your phone a ring, in pronto. You almost jumped up from your seat, and with sweaty hands you try to make pleasant conversation. Afterwards, you’re just so paranoid, you decided not to post the juicy bit of story. Not now. Not yet.

thoughts on something else:
a couple of friends of mine, them probably fresh from school (not the undergrad type) gave me the shock on their retorting 'BAKET??' when I made an announcement on (hint hint) something Im supposed to blog about by end of this month (heh). i still love them all, but I cant help but feel funny, almost prompting me to ask back 'why not?' was i affected? a bit, I have to be honest. it was a mixture of feelings, and i had to grapple unto something im not even familiar with so it didn't help. disoriented was i at first, i began looking for answers (yeah, in a form of side trips, birthday celebrations overseas and long talks with people i hold dear). my quest on getting a clear grasp on how to explain 'this thing' has not yet ended, and probably it will never end. but then again i gained some new things along this search, let me share them with you: that the strong need not to be alone for them to called brave and be highly respected. strength, as it may seem, does come in 'numbers'-- at least in twos. peace and bliss to everyone I pray.

and here are some pictures. ah yeah.

papuntang manila. may 3 2008

i love chichay. porebers! (at libre ang hula)

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