Monday, May 26, 2008


The month of May--as I have always wanted it to be, has been very hectic.

1. Ive been to three countries. Oha, nde pa counted yung country na nag 'hover' lang yung aircraft na sinasakyan ko, before it made a 'u turn' back to where we departed (pang pelikula, i know!)--Sabah Malaysia yata yun.
2. I got to see two of my best girl friends from college (remind myself to make a writeup abou this soon, you procrastinating gumdrop).
3. I got to see a 'new' inaanak.
4. I got to celebrate my birthday with my family (will all the drama, I tell you!)
5. Lola gave me an interesting birthday gift. heh. (MUST post)
6. One of my birthday wishes came true--not that all these weren't good, its just that something of the 'material' category materialised (nosebleed, ang alliterations nagmumura). huwaw, bataw! i likeit! Salamat tin! Salamat fafa dyey!
7. ay potangena, yung 'trip to somewhere' pala under ng birthday wish list ko natupad din. that makes it two. not bad, not bad at all...
8. My cramming like crazy at work, which hey...does not feel bad at all.
9. I got to visit my mom. :)
10. I got to visit the virgin... Dely. (ahahhahahaha...natawa ako dito sa sinulat ko ever)
11. had my first glam shot taken (hey, its my birthday month)
12. and under my 'otherly' duties: a test pictorial in Holland Vee (post pics laters. heh)
13. I got to be in very different places-- the beach, the mountains, the Disneyland (ahaha), the Venetian...the Manila Memorial Park...the Peak...

Hay. I love it. Thank you Lord.

And its not even June.

And here are sam peeks!

Macau and HongKong 2008
by my n95.
(in no order whatsoever)

Ngong Ping 360, Lantau: I can see fear in Jay's eyes which he furiously denies. Im actually waiting for a voiceover: 'Due to some technical shit, please find the parachutes under your seats. As shitty as this may seem, you havent heard the part wherein we'll announce that parachutes are available on a first come first served....'

Miro Crame, the only legit psychoanalyst in my life is our HongKong tour guide and bell boy. We love him to death--we're launching 'donate a bath towel' campaign.
si Jay, naka surgical gloves. wahahaha...labyu.

the ever so-famous gondola ride at the Venetian and that ever so-famous faraway look everyone strikes a pose to. Hay, semi mid life crisis. :)

look ma, i got mickey slippers! and they're signed by stitch!

that day I bought Starbucks cafe mocha on top of a mountain, I also fancied taking the Po Lin Monastery (Lantau, HK) knee test: okay iha, galing ka ba sa baba? hindi dito yung shooting ni Mark Lapid eh.

My Blythe doll (who remains unnamed due to my inability to make up my mind) is more into this 'undertaker' look which frankly I think is better than Jay's (and the rest of the world's) 'faraway, glance to the horizon' graze.

ah yeah, birthday girl! (name me a person who manages to look good after running around Macau and HK for two days and I'll give you my other betlog. )

guess who dropped by to visit stitch and whatshisface (ehehe, peace Miro) in this scenic mountain scape of Lantau?

Ruins of St Paul, Macau: with Auntie Dely, who after 3 years of cloistered apartment life, finally decides to come out of her house in the evening. heh.

San Malo, Macau: For some reany I can't pinpoint, I call this my 'birthday' shot. (Ewan ko, but I like)


gingmaganda said...

i'm so inggit, you haves a blythe! awww.

was searching for manila-based bloggers on google who have these far ikaw lang ang lumabas. haha

miro-may said...

rica!!!!! ngayong ko lang to nakita! miss you gurl!!!! asan na bath towel ko???? lol

Anonymous said...


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