Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some kindavah-bagay

Manika Updates:

Ah yes, they're here. After a near coronary, I was able to bring the girls home in Manila. To all those who ordered--thank you for your support, and hope you enjoyed 'em girls. Sa uulitin! (hindi ko na sasabihin kung sino sino yun, as I've decided to be discreet with my clients. Naaks. Manika lang yan ha! hehe. But really, some asked for non disclosure). While everyone placed their bets earlier on either Adorable Aubrey and Heather Sky (Heather was sold out 'on shelf', that night I came to pick up the pre ordered dolls--that's in less than 8 hours of release outside Japan. Taray), Winsome Willow turned to be a huge surprise. I'd have to say her promo material didn't do her any justice, much less the use of pink eye chips for her promo pictures. 

Now, not saying that the other two girls weren't that good looking as predicted. Aubrey was pale, chic and maldita-ish, and Heather was charmingly 'different' (note: it's not every month that Hasbro/Takara releases a dark skinned girl, so I'd say she's a keeper).  As I was telling gingmaganda--Heather just needs a change of clothes. heh. 

Now, back to Willow-- see? She's pretty naman pala, kayo talaga (picture below). :)

picture from silly lil' doe

And here is one of the many answers to the question 'what makes this doll so special?'

Blythe for McQ Alexander McQueen for Target

imagine a mini-me version of yourself. in nice fashionista clothes.
syet. aylavit.
(photos by minklet)



fortuitous faery said...

haha, discreet...parang droga. :P

i guess blythe is a drug for doll enthusiasts!

The Becky said...

yes. and i am their friendly, neighbourhood drug dealer. :)

kleine anne said...

hi! saw a link of your from ody (common friend), and I just kinda wonder, blythe lang ba binebenta mo? wala ka momoko or any plans of bringing momoko to the philippines market?


The Becky said...

@ kleine anne

ay hallers. re: your kwistyon kung baket blythe lang ang binebenta ko--kasi cguro im a blythe collector myself (small time nga lang. haha), so mas comfortable akong ibenta sya, kasi Im familiar with the doll and the market na po. As far as i know, may naglalako na ng momoko sa atin. collector ka din ba?

salamat sa katanungan, feeling interview fortion ito, nakakatuwa. :)