Thursday, March 26, 2009


The girls tagged along today.
Outdoor shoot was at 1030 am (so you can imagine how many calories I lost, by simply bending and swooping very low) taken under one the big trees of Kent Ridge's brick pathway going to AS 2 (where my office is). The indoor shots were taken from my office in Geography Dept.
and they (finally!) wore shoes with much more sense. heh.

they even brought a picnic spread, egad.
you can imagine these big ants big as buses cheering for joy. no, not THAT ant. Aha, someone managed to sneak George. The girls love playing with her, they think she's a toy
(nagpapatawa o, toy daw!).
Their initial agenda was to see whether she can fit in their picnic bag.
AJ has a new hobby. Scaring people shit with her eyes. ahaha.
see that camera? ah yes, she's a lomo-ista too.
Stella on her siesta. She lasted for 30 seconds. She's been freaking out on the ants.
Back in my office.
Oh, did I mention I managed to change each girl's respective 'plugs'? :)
For AJ, I chanced upon this really ginormous heart shaped trinket.
I got Stella (in her most 'oily-ness') a simpler, purple plug.
tea time!
AJ wanted coffee from CC (Coffee Club). Mamumulubi ako dito sa batang ito.Hungry?'Naghugas ka na ba ng kamay, iha?' manang kasi si Ate AJ eh.
The girls discussing their post tea-break activities.
Stella was having a hard, slippery time. (on her chair, that is)
'George. wtf? a boy's name? is that even legal?' was the order of the day.

George found a friend in Uglyworm.

Waiting for sun down.

family picture ba ito?


fortuitous faery said...

i didn't know that coca-cola came in 1 oz.-size bottles! hehe...and your doll has a lomo cam, too! diana? :P

The Becky said...

naaks connie! nak-lolomo-speak ka na ah. :)

fortuitous faery said...

haha...medyo lang! nga pala, bumili ako ng super cheap na action sampler sa ebay...$6.50 lang with shipping na! sabi nung nagrefer sakin, sasakit daw ang daliri ko. haha!