Wednesday, February 3, 2010

About fez... (Happy Anniversary Espeysyal)

About Us Section, mula sa aming wedding announcer site.
cos we're keso like dat. eew. :)

Very briefly.

They met one fateful night in 1999, known to Thomasians as the 'Paskuhan'. She was in her early college years in the Faculty of Arts & Letters studying Political Science, while he--well, he's been around for quite some time (hehe).

They're not from the same college (he's from Architecture), and even if they are, the 'time-space continuum, a.k.a. age difference will not allow them to bump into each other on campus (unless of course he does a PhD). While both attended the same school for their pre and primary schooling, even sharing some 'memorable teachers' (the girl, after grade one, moves to Pasig while the boy--bless him, stayed on the looongest time. Yes, a loyalty awardee), it was evident that they wont be seeing eye to eye, unless it is possible for a high school lad to find a kiddo in grade one 'cute and worth pursuing' (personal joke). So you can imagine how their first meeting went. It was a mixture of 'familiarity', contempt (corruption of minors, hala!) and ChowKing Chicharap (the 'menu' for Paskuhan that time). It was talk, talk and talk, with some minor interruptions from her friends which varied from debates about au naturelle hazel eyes, cartwheels and Chicharap. Before they knew it, they were actually sitting on the part of the field 'directly' under the fireworks' close range and had to scramble to their feet to get away, and yes--it was already her curfew.

On their way back to her dormitory, he learns that she's going back to Laguna for the holidays the next day. Being a man of few words (hah), he surprisingly blurts out 'Tara, simbang gabi tayo'. Now, who wouldnt say no to a 'simbang gabi, diba?' she recalls. It was a good, noble cause--waking up very early in the morning to attend mass. So a few hours later they see each other again, while everyone else is either asleep, partying (still), or attending mass. She gets invited to have breakfast at Jollibee Dapitan afterwards, and by the time they'll go on their separate ways, the sun was already up and bright. She goes on her way, while he, on a 'segue' (personal joke, go ask Jay--ohhh...rhymes!).

After few email exchanges during the holidays, his offering to bringing her to 'Glory's', for cheap grocery come school time, and a poem (eherm!) he wrote for her, right after they went on separate ways (for a man with few words!), more emails, dimsum and more groceries--he asks her to be his girl. She stares at him incredulously:

'Neknek mo'.

And so it began.

The Becky

Ze bride is from Santa Rosa Laguna--the land of Enchanted Kingdom, car manufacturers, semi-Tagaytay breeze, hardcore municipal politics, and teenybopper wannabes on TV. She traces her lineage from the two opposite sides of Luzon: Abulug, Cagayan in the North, and San Juan Batangas. (so, she might be bipolar). She's got a degree in Political Science from the University of Santo Tomas and a Masters of Social Science under the ASEAN Graduate Scholarship from the National University of Singapore. She loves to travel, read, write, walk and control. the weather. occasionally. She is currently based in Singapore as a Researcher for the Southeast Asian Studies Programme at the Naitonal University of Singapore.

The Jay

Our groom is your proverbial 'Manila Boy' --or so he thinks. Past neighbors include the bell star dancers and Pipoy, to name a few. His parents are both from the Ilocandia provinces, and he can give you three words in Ilocano on a good day. He has an Architecture degree from the University of Santo Tomas, with part time units from Cora Doloroso to enhance his modelling career*. He likes sports, is naturally athletic** and cooks a (quote)mean(unquote) 'Nilaga'. He looks like someone popular (hint hint) and will shamelessly admit it happens all the time.

The Jay is an Architect based in Singapore.

*paid for by 'Friends of Jay'

**paid for, by Jay