Tuesday, April 1, 2008

In the News...

Good Morning America has finally caught up with our very own 'Papaya Dance', care of Edu Manzano. Cant help feeling fuzzy all over. Its not even supposed to be relevant or whatever, but it feels like 'good news'. I reckon either one of their writers is Pinoy (very likely), someone's been watching too many youtube videos, or they just find it too funny. Like we all did. Wow. I wonder when this little sunny island of mine (ownership, ika nga) will feature something of that sort--something 'light and fun' under the banner of the Philippines. Their cameran and reporters apparently have this penchant for showing the slums and dirty streets, so any news is bad news.
Newsanchor: In the Philippines, the lavapalooza event is slated today at the...
(Camera: shows CBD, with soldiers and guard dogs milling about)
(Reporter: Will probably say something irrelevant and negative, if not use the dismissive tone)
Me, watching: Say it! Filipinos know how to party. Say something upbeat.
Newsanchor: In other news, people infected with HIV is on the rise in...
Relevant. Great.

Here's the Video:

I remember a good friend of mine, Prof Kirpal Singh of SMU telling me rather animatedly how he was, on his recent trips in Manila--shown how to dance the 'Otso Otso' by (heheh) his gracious hosts, the San Beda Professors. He said we should get it patented, as it might be our own answer to the Indian Bhangra. I love the guy.

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