Friday, April 18, 2008

Random (again)

A colleague of mine retorted: ‘Well, Im not really channelling ‘Chubby Huggy’ or anything. I just felt like Im a foodie these day?
Me: Im sorry?
Colleague: Chubby Huggy lah. You know him right?
Sino si Chuggy Huggy?? Napadami lang kaya sya ng kain nang wages??

Ah. Chubby Hubby.


Patawa 101:
You were almost done with a juicy blog entry when the object of your ‘kwento’ gives your phone a ring, in pronto. You almost jumped up from your seat, and with sweaty hands you try to make pleasant conversation. Afterwards, you’re just so paranoid, you decided not to post the juicy bit of story. Not now. Not yet.


Food Review#1: Olio Dome's Capellini Miso Salmon Fillet Pasta

Where: Holland V. When: 15 April, 8ish pm.

Place: was okay. very few people (ugh. tell tale signs)

Service: was quite good. tin and I were seated further back, so whenever we wanted to ask for something, I had to wave, like crazy.

Ordered: the Thai Chicken Salad chorva for aperitifs, then the said main course, becuase--well, its their 'chef's recommendation' (so said the menu)

Servings: As looks can be decieving, it looked small. But I can't seem to finish mine. Why? becuase...

Taste: Its sweet. yes, like dessert! I can't believe it--I know it is a 'somewhat glamorised' Carbonara with Salmon and caviar, but I ve tasted other versions before. I like Carbonara as much as Putanesca, but this is too much. Instead of eating the thing to the last pasta becuase it tasted good, we finished it becuase we didn't want to waste. The Salmon was ok--not that compensating. Frankly, it was an all-in-one meal: main course and dessert. Ugh.

Verdict: Nah--not for us probably. Not coming back. Sorry.
pic (inset): tintin, before learning the sad truth.

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