Friday, April 25, 2008

makeup-less, mother ship, etc

DATED: 8 April 2008

Uminom para kay Brenda*
Shamelessly. Hah. I hate to admit it, but count me in as one of those Pinoys who have nothing but raves about the Southeast Asian Studies Head –slash- Asian Diaspora and Migration Research Leader- Prof Brenda Yeoh, and have lived to blog about it. Oh, for chrissake, she’s my boss. There you go. And no, I wont be posting this entry until I get everything official (I get my staff ID. hihi). Gee, why do I sound funny? Im just soo happy and thankful. My former colleagues think its my new job description, but really—I call it ‘BY’. With sommersualts and backflips. I hope I dont sound like a gloating jerk. Hay... when was the last time I felt so thankful, and just happy? I can even write a poem about it, for crying out loud. Hay! Dyos ko po...Salamat. Sometimes you really have to be utterly hopeless first, before the heavens give you what you badly want (and need). Im just grateful. And for all I care, my boss might come across this post at some point of her life. All I wanted to say, as cliche as this may sound: 'while everything happens for a reason, good things come--to those who wait. And hell, it was worth the wait. Too early to say, I know. But I like what Im doing right now. Who gets to say such things at certain points of her life, if not at all?

How about a PhD in Geography? :)

*a colloquial term which means 'lets drink to Brenda', pretty much similar to 'hats off' or 'cheers'.

p.s. ay, oo nga pala. may bago akong kasama sa bahay. Hindi ko nga kinakausap, at naiilang ako. Anu kasi eh--anu kase....medyo weird sya. Parang alien ba. eep!!
Abduction na itoh!!

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