Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Ah, the economic recession. In this time of times, when everyone is in dire need for that ‘extra’ cash, one just cant help but wonder how, in his lowly ‘office worker’ life is he gonna get some. His time is tied on the bundy clock, by the time he’s done for the day he’s just so tired a ‘night shift’ part time job is not that promising (unless all he has to do is test matresses). This leads him to work on something: a) natural for him to do (so he dont sweat it out) and is b) very flexible.
Someone I know just cashed in on his ‘investment’ hobby to the tune of a hundred grand. And thats just the beginning. Having seen it myself (the moolah and the goods), I was all of a sudden inspired (well, its more of a realisation that Im in dire need as well, and I have to do something). I wondered, what on earth do I have to offer? The last time I checked, reading as a hobby (or buying expensive books for that matter) is not really that profitable, unless Im talented enough to make Huntington or Fukuyama sound like epic legends, with interchangeable voices (oh, and I dont even read out loud). Cooking takes up too much energy, time and more money, while babysitting—lets not get there. This leads me to studying—which Im afraid I have cashed on for quite some time now so Im leaving it alone, and writing. Ooh.

Ah, the lure of words. Ever wondered how you can actually put your creative writing juices to good use-- and I mean ‘good-goody-good’ in financial terms? You’ve probably heard about ghost writing, or contributing to magazines or newspapers—the classic sidelines for creative writers. In this age of bloggers and new media, paid advertising via posts can be a quick way for you to earn some money, and some love (love, thats important!). Hell-- for all I know, a friend of mine, may have paid her maternity bills via her sweet little posts which can range from furniture, game reviews, referrals and beauty products. Wow, right? Its called PayPerPost, honey. You get to choose a topic you are interested in, write about it, blog it, and voila! Ka-ching.

No fussy talks here, you have the prerogative to stay personal, and you get paid in the end (very important!). So if you think you've got it and ready to roll, read the blog ethics and off you go!

I wonder how many posts to go, to fund a weekend in Macau... Hmm...

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ambush101 said...


This bit you finally, eh?

What's the word you used to describe me again? Ah, SELLOUT.


Mahal kita, wag nang patulan ang pang-aasar ng kumare mo. Hehehe.