Friday, April 11, 2008

Its called maternal instinct

I love kids. Not just becuase they are cute. (no, Im not going to justify myself this time. hah.) I grew up with siblings waayy younger than me, so not only did I act as a big sister, I was a surrogate mother, pro bono tutor from preschool to (goodnessake) college, guidance counsellor and cheer leader. It was a very hands on experience, I tell you--I made sweets for a class of 45, made bookmarks for an entire student population, had a say on what book to review and on whether the girl of their dreams is just stuck on traffic (and that, my friends is why she hasn't come along).

Just when I thought Im done with glue, glue stick and anything that can hold anything together (includes rice), I realised that with the recent additions to the tsoleyt brood, plus newbie 'god sons and god daughters (see tsoleyt brood)', Im am no way retiring. My goodness--good thing I love kids.

As for getting one (getting one?? anu yan, grocery item??) on my own--heh. Maybe not anytime soon though. Lets see....

Gee, my fallopian tube made backflips upon seeing this.

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