Sunday, January 11, 2009

Naisip ko lang naman

Kung bakit ngayon kailangang lagyan nang 'bridal' chenes ang tawag sa lahat nang magiging accesories and eching ko for the wedding.
halimbawa--bridal bible, bridal suite, bridal house, bridal undergarments, bridal shoes...
medyo tuloy ang hirap mag isip at pumili.
para bang kelangan there's this element of 'first time', and rather 'impracticability' of anything I'll be using. Para bang it has to be super special na hindi ko na sya ulet magagamit.
Well, thats sad--don't you think?
That you'll be spending so much on something you'll find no use for, afterwards?
I mean fine--they're symbolic and all. Kaso, wouldn't it be ironic to call something 'symbolic', tapos that symbol will never see the light of day after the big event?

Naisip ko lang naman, kasi I think I've found my so-called bridal shoes last Saturday morning, while walking at Orchard Road. Actually, meron na naman akong nabili, last December pa--I call it my 'backup' shoes. Eager to 'break it in', I used it for my engagement shoot at Old Supreme Court last week. Okay naman sya, altho my sister finds it weird, or maybe not that reassuring enough to be 'that shoe'. So last Saturday I toyed with the idea of getting 'another option' from Isetan Shaw--I've been eyeing these 'collared' shoes with funky soles in red (whose brand name I forgot). But lo and behold--when I stepped inside Zara (which is on sale, by the way. bumula ang bibig ko, pramis), this sweet thing in suede said 'hello' to me instantly. I thought the idea was crazy, but I went on and gave it a fit. Naknampocha, it felt good. AT! I looked good on it. Bihira lang itong love at first site na ito. Ang unang pumasok sa isip ko, 'wow. ang gara nito sa skirt'. Tapos, biglang 'syet, at pwede itong ipang lakad sa luagr na--eherm--malamig'. So ayun. sa halagang 50% off, wala akong makitang dahilan para nde ako um-oo. While queueing for the counter, biglang naisip ko, 'ay--this is it.' (naknangteteng, why do I have to be so emo? hehe) So meet my so called bridal shoes. Happiness. :)

meet my back up shoes from Schu. :)

and... my bridal chenes chervalin...
from Zara.

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mommyontop said...

I loooooooooooooove the bridal chenes chervalin!!! As in!!
Wala bang kapatid yan na size 6?

With regards to all those bridal shit that will just collect dust after the wedding, I say fuck the traditions and get something you'll actually use. That's what I did.

So what made them special is the fact that I used them on my wedding AND I can use them anytime of the day.

Underwear, shoes, everything (except the Bible hehe). And I didn't spend too much on them. What's the point of buying expensive stuff for your wedding if that would leave you to start your married life with almost zero moolah?

That's what most couples forget. The wedding is just one day. You must be preparing more for the life after it.

Kaya keri lang yan, bakla. Ihanap mo ako ng kapatid ng bridal chenes chervalin mo.