Saturday, January 10, 2009

Strange Day Today

To my bachelorette party organisers and attendees...

Dear Girls,

By this time I'm probably on my way to Zia's, bringing with me an unfinished tutu. I suppose all of you are waiting impatiently, as Jay (bless him) had to leave his office late (he's probably in a cab, on his way now). Once I reach the Inumerable's abode, I'll probably be ringing the doorbell, and Orville will probably be taking his sweet time to open the door. Tess will be there, welcoming me in, and once I step inside I'll probably see everyone's faces 'up for a good time'. I'll be in my very very surprised expression, probably misty eyed. We'll have one heck of a time as always. So thank you very much. Now, I have to tell you something...

 At exactly 5:45 pm today, I stepped out from bus#7, groggily from my ride wherein I had a delightful slumber at it's second floor front seat. I just had an (almost) entire day to myself, walking around China town, Little India and Bugis (yes, I walked through all of them!), taking pictures and as usual--bargain hunting. I was so beat and tired, listening to my iPod, obviously not minding everything around me when nearing the steps towards Amici and this cafe whose name I forgot--I saw a flash of colours in my peripheral vision. You see, the problem now is that I'm seriously and 'officially' near sighted, so I can't 'see' anything, aside from the colours. They were wonderful colours though, hurrying down towards the other direction, towards the back of Amici and the side of this cafe whose name I forgot. I wanted to get my camera and capture this fleeting movement, which literally is too fast and scurrying. I thought its perfect for my actionsampler. But darn! I just realised I ran out of film! I was so amused with this sight that I suddenly felt weird. Why are these two ladies in such a hurry, I thought. 'They seem to be running away from something'. I stopped my tracks, and studied them. The first lady was sporting a long, wavy hair that bobbed up and down the stairs. The second one was wearing orange, with hair on a chignon. I was hoping they look back that I literally stopped atop the staircase they took, because really--they were acting strange. Then something hit me--the poor lady in orange looked very 'her'--a good friend of mine. Im not sure if its the choice of colour that gave her away, but knowing the clothes--a sleeveless semi turtle neck in orange--I knew it was her. As for the other lady, also a good friend-- honestly, the first person that entered my mind when I saw her hair was her hubby. I wonder why the hurry? 

Now, when I reached the house I saw my sister preparing her potluck for a party hosted by her officemate (who by the way, happened to host another party (only) recently). I was so famished, I asked if I can have some 'leftovers' of this chicken she's slicing. she let me have a big chunk (without any hostility!).

Ah...strange things. :P

p.s. As much as I wanted to take a picture of these lovely ladies I encountered at holland Village, I decided not to. First, they were unreasonably fast. Second--they earned my respect for being unreasonably fast, so no 'telling' on my part. hehe. Salamat.

nagmamahal (at nag enjoy!)

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