Saturday, January 17, 2009

Paalam (muna, pansamantala) Singapura

Its almost three in the freakin' morning. I'm sleeping in 10 mins time, and probably sleeping in while I type this. Im leaving for Manila 7 hours from now, and will probably be away from my routine posts until God knows how long. I'm in the process of convincing my teenager of a brother to 'lease' his prepaid internet cherva cable or gizmo (eh nde ko alam ang tawag dun eh) to me for 3 weeks (well the guy is milking my offer. susme). Will try to keep you all updated (hopefully I'll be able to post my suppliers list before the big day. gaah!). Will post pictures, of course. Baka panay picture na nga lang eh. hay! Im soo tired (left the office at around 8 pm today. kmusta naman yun).  Katatapos lang namin mag-impake, at iba na ang mood ko. heh.
cameras? check. film? check. passport? check. rings? check.
kermit jr? check. miss iggy? check.

Ay commercial muna po-- Jay and I celebrated our 9th year anniversary. hehe. wala lang. patawa eh. :P Happy anniversary pare. thank you for waiting. :)

AT! nang binuksan ko ang mailbox ko...andito na sya!! ang saya say
a naman. :) (saka na ang iba pang pictures. naduduling nako, pramis)

her jet lagged, purpleness miss iggy arrived last night. Ze Stella and AJ 
welcomed her in their respective kimonos, even wanting their pictures to be taken with her. Over tea they find out that she's leaving for Manila the following morning. 'viajera ang lola mo' exclaimed Stella.

sorry ha, nde na cohesive ang sentences ko. nagla lag na ang utak ko eh. :P see you laters, percolators!

the blackbirds are gearing up for the cool weather in Tagaytay. 
At si kermit...naka stripes!
 na green. hehe


fortuitous faery said...

ahm so happy miss iggy made it just before your flight! woohooo!

i sent you an invite for miss iggy's blog in your gmail.

happy trip!

gingmaganda said...

uy! naka-kimono na ang mga B girls. hehehe.

hi kermit!

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