Thursday, July 31, 2008

Abah bah bah....

Return Migration in Asia: Experiences, Ideologies and Politics
Asia Research Institute
National University of Singapore
31 July 2008
Medyo succesful ang break in. (medyo=ayoko maging mayabang)
Ang lola nyo, Academic na.
Prospecting Return: Filipino Professionals in Singapore
Abstract: This paper argues a case different from the traditional migration-and-return route which apparently is still the case for most Filipinos on ‘permanent’ migration to North America and Europe. While Philippine migration to Singapore is categorised as temporary labour migration, with such changes taking place in the host country’s immigration policy, there seem to be an emerging lifestyle for Filipinos working in a foreign country not far from their own, very much different from the traditional ‘Balikbayan’ and temporary work migrant ’imagination’. An online survey was conducted among a sample population of Filipino professionals working and residing in Singapore as preliminary data for this study.


Agagooga said...

Hi :)

The Becky said...

lookie lookie! an infamous Singaporean blogger just popped by!too bad almost all my recent posts were in Tagalog. heh. But then again, (according to him) he's kinda Filipino (or that people mistake him for one). cheers, agagooga. i'll vote for you, should you decide to run for MP (not under PAP, lah). *a very problematic statement*