Friday, July 4, 2008


I remember those days when my Pa used to give us a tour of the 'other' Laguna (and Quezon, in some parts). We drove around the towns of Liliw, Nagcarlan, Majayjay, Paete, Luisiana, Lucban, Dolores--they were very much different from our Santa Rosa (which is now a city, by the way). They are not what people would usually conjure of as 'backward', or, as a stupid, arrogant classmate of mine would deduce upon learning that Im from the 'probinsya' (a term I used to rid myself of when I was younger, having been moving around the metropolis before getting relocated 'permanently' to Laguna. now I must say 'so what?' I love my being from the provinces.): 'May kuryente ba sa inyo?' (Do you have electricity?) Duh. As if Enchanted Kingdom glows by candlelight.

Anyway--these quaint towns are different from my other 'side' of Laguna, simply becuase they are more 'probinsya'. More Probinsya=More carabaos crossing the main road, very much agri based, lots of raw and agri land, gentler get the drift (before someone bites my head off thinking Im stating a put down). And for some time, I was thinking that I want to live there--buy hectares of land, cultivate rice and my ambitious herb and berries garden (ah yeah), and just live simply (as haciendera. hehe.). Im thinking of getting my kids to help out in the famr during summer vacation, or maybe build a commercial building in it (its hectares of property, anyway, right? :)) But no kidding. Funny thing about it? It's actually a recurring dream, that sometimes I find myself hoping for an opportunity--(a bargain deal, perhaps? ) to be able to experience establishing a family, and living in one of my favourite towns--either Luisiana ('Laguna's little Bagiuo'), or Lucban (yeah, its the longganiza). I dream of their churces, their unique town planning (I mean, hello--Paete has mountain ridges as backdrop, and the town is sloping up and down--hay, I like it). It was like a vivid dream.

Kaya dont ever wonder if in the near future you'd be hearing about the 'othersideproject'. I might be blogging from Sierra Madre from then on. :)

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