Thursday, July 10, 2008

maong talelong

it didn't occur to me what S actually meant when she said she'd like to 'pah-teeh'. I thought it meant that living thing function related to digestion (which I believe is due to her watching waayyy to many 'living person' shows). Until I saw this. ah. party pala. support the cancer foundation party? Ben Tambling, ish that you??
So, yes--at the expense of a doll, I just want you to know that I actually made THAT maong dress (if you call that one). Its my frist time, okay? I'll try to make more rags--este, dresses, until I become a (doll) dress master, A-line category (then there's three thousand MORE categories. yey!) Im trying to make some skimpy shorts as well. And a shirt. And no--Im not trying to pimp my girl.

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gingmaganda said...

uy congrats! i'm yet to brave this new frontier. i'm skerrrrd