Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Stella's college buddy

Natasha Moore, I christen thee AJ.

I'd like to think of my Bythe dolls as my aherm-- alter ego's.
Well, Natasha Moore is a spy--and how dya know it, it was, and still is, my dream career! (hanef)
And Stella--well, (as Jay would ask: at anu naman 'sya? (translates as: 'and what does she do?'))
Rica: ahh...researcher (wadapak look)
Jay: at pano naman sya naging researcher? (and what made her so?)
Rica: eh, pumapasok sya na naka shorts sa opits. :) (well, she can go to the office wearing shorts)

and here are some pictures:

Yes, S--like you, she came in from a box (a fact Stella can't really face at this point)

Pa smart epek
not hers. the glasses came with Natasha Moore.
'a mole?? a freakin' mole?? wtfff??'
Lets call her AJ from now on ( i know, NT is so much better. but that would be me and the rest of the world you see...)


gingmaganda said...

ahaha! she stole NM's glasses!

The Becky said...

well, she did say she borrowed it though, di lang daw nya pinaalam. heh. How's it going with your bulilit blythe?

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