Wednesday, September 24, 2008

commercial muna.

Unang (naayos na) DIY!: read the fine print. heh. wala lang, natuwa kasi ako. as the kulto calls it, 'lebor op lab' yan.

GP Fever na ba ito?? With Pique and Alonso of team Renault. Maliliit lang pala sila? :) funny thing is, we're leaving the country that very day the race starts. (Im the 'and' in 'Bake and Shake', baby!) NOTE: Jay corrected me, like, right away when he saw this post. sabi nya, 'Shake and Bake' po. ahaha.... im leaving this as it is. poser na poser ang lola mo.
My inaanak (na naman!), Huber Secher, aka Uber. Pinsan nya si Schaeffer. Loka, Im serious. He's a bit upset, cos I only get to see him once a year, the last time being his baptism.
ang labandera nyo, naka pula!!

wala of my favourite iPhone apps. Tintin lives her life according to 'dee eight bawl!'


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