Sunday, September 14, 2008

'In the news..': nothing surprises me anymore

In Malaysia-- An UMNO division chief claims he was 'misquoted' when he said their Chinese locals are 'squatters'. To those who have no idea what this context is (a sad reality amongst Filipinos all gung-ho about the impending US elections, but has no idea whatsoever of regional politics, albeit the geographical trappings of southeast asia), Malaysia is not only composed of Malays, it is a multiracial country (there are Indian-Malaysians, Chinese-Malaysians, the other way around, whatever you want to call it), but with Malays as a majority. Having said this, 'Malay' is a race. You can be Malaysian, but not Malay-- similar with Singapore-Malays (they're not called Malaysians, my goodness. anu kaya yun, Singapore-Malaysian? unless binational sila, diba?) So, anyway--ayaw mag sorry ni Datuk Ahmad Ismail. He is, however, demanding an apology. Ang taray ng lolo mo. Ewan ko--hindi naman sya siguro naghahanap ng away, ano?


oh look who's in 'hot water'? (pun intended) : while our politicians are of showbiz garden variety, the land of smiles and tomyam took it to another level. 


ah. now, after the 'wedding' bit...

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