Sunday, July 19, 2009

big brothers and playmates

When I was younger, I thought it was unfair for these cool things called robots to be normatively- designated as toys for the opposite sex. You see, I grew up 'among boys'--categorised as either the matons in our neighbourhood in Pasig who taught me how to ride my bmx, care for pigeons (kalapati) and ask my parents for a 20 in 1 nintendo game; and the 'badings' who taught me how to tie my hair and sward-speak 'til kingdom come. I might be an unofficial member of the 'hood, you see. And while I play with dolls (until now), I've always thought that robots are so cool, specially if they can 'transform'. Daya.

So yeah--it may be hereditary.

Naglinis kasi ng room ang housemate naming si Fafa Chet. Natuwa ang mga dalaginding ko, upon hearing that 'his boys' has to stay out muna.

'akala ko ba blythe meet ito?'
'dang, wrong venue'.

AJ would like to introduce her prom date.

i therefore conclude: eto ang totoong adik. haha.

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