Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hay. Salamat Lord.

1. for cheap air tickets.

2. for comics that relate to everyday life.

3. for yahoo messenger

4. for my brothers' speedy recoveries (yeh, nag shifting sila sa hospital yung isa eh AH1N1 scare (na hindi naman pala), at yung isa eh dengue boi.)
diba ang kyoot kyoot nila. (more than a decade ago. things change. of course.)

5. for funny and nostalgic pictures like these, taken eons ago (at payat ako nun! yeh!)

5. for my personal mafia, aka the husband. he's the best, you know. :)

and i quote carly simon: "nobody does it better".

Ikaw, what are you thankful for? :)

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