Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tokyo nga ba? (click pics to see everything)

o diba. these three looked good together.

I haven't found an apt name for her. I think she's Japanese (and for how long have I wanted a Japanese alter ego. hehe), so an English name will not make the cut. Or ewan ko. haha.
Baka Josie, as in Josie Natori that Pinay fashion designer and CEO of the Natori Company. (who kinda looks like her. sort of lang. hehe).

or O-ren Ishii, after my favourite 'Kill Bill' character.

baka I'll end up calling her Tokyo. or Minami Kurihashi (after that place kung saang
kangkungan kami nakarating, one fateful train ride in Tokyo).

Mas masaya pala pag tatlo na sila.
i decided to take a 'stock outfit' photo. AJ and Stella have not worn their stock outfits for the longest time. natuwa ako, parang memory lane chervalin ang dating.

ang kulet nung dinosaur ni manong jay ha. :)

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