Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Nietzsche and the Wondergirls

Im not much of a dancer. But I like to dance. In my own office, where everyone else is outside, in seemingly abandoned streets. I recommend it to those with knees not fit for running. It's a form of exercise--you sway your hips, you can raise your arms and be quick with your feet. You do whatever you want. When done by yourself or with reckless abandon-- it raises your confidence, making you feel good. Pheromones.

Now, Nietzsche recommends dance too. He's a dancer, I read somewhere. In his usual self, he wrote:

I would believe only in a god who could dance. And when I saw my devil I found him serious, thorough, profound, and solemn: it was the spirit of gravity - through him all things fall. (Zarathustra, "On Reading and Writing," PN 153)

I wrote a very long paragraph expounding on this, then I thought--ayako ko syang i-post. hehe.
(NB: seryoso ang lola mo! )

Okay--back to dancing. Kilala nyo naman siguro ang wondergirls, diba. So this is what I've been dancing to, for some time now. likeness!

mas gusto ko itong Korean/Asian version nung MV, yung walang dubbed into english.

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