Friday, July 24, 2009

wak ka nang malungkot

minsan (and today is one of those days), pag naloloka ako sa mga pangyayari sa career ko, iniisip ko nalang na hindi pa naman katapusan ng mundo. May ibang tao nga, wala trabaho, tapos ako nagrereklamo ng exag? OA ha.

tigilan na nga. :)


Just finished reading 'American Gods' in pdf. haha. anyone who fancies a copy, just tell me and I'll be glad to send one to you. Now, Gaiman has this book uploaded for free in his publisher's website and yes-- I spainstakingly read through it. Cheapo me. haha. Well, we've been hunting it down in all bookstores in the island for weeks now, and not a single one has it on stock. In fairness, I could have just carried on reading it via the link, but hah--it's not the complete novel. So yeah-- I had to google for 'American Gods, free, headline version (note: the headline version is 12,000 words longer than the mass market edition (US ed))'. Bought 'Anansi Boys' earlier, so I dug in after a day or so. hmm. For some reason, and call me juvenile--I get really uncomfortable with stories that deal with someone close to the main character 'tricking' him, like his brother pretending to be him (and aftewards) seducing his then-fiancee, pops her on... Then the story just carries on. Without vengeance, without anything to indicate that what happened isn't right. Im not sure if I'll finish the book. I kinda lost interest.

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