Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Can I just punch your face?

Ewan ko ba,
people who point you to websites for info 'in another context' are somewhat annoying.
Not that I dont do that(point to websites, not annoy), but I only do so after being asked the proverbial question 'saan mo nakuha yang info na yan?'
then I direct them to websites.
Or if I sense that such person is not using the internet regularly, then I'd say 'na check mo na ba sa website nila, internet?'

What I would like to point out that although it's not yet a given, there might be a bit of courtesy involved if you'll ask the person first--'ni-google mo na ba yan?' lightly. of course.

another thing which i find offending is when one directs you to a weblink obvious enough not to really solve your problem, which you have already specifically asked for a 'specific' answer

case number 1:
ako:how does one get there, really?
mukhamopretty:well, this (website--okay...lets call it!) is helpful. here's a link to the place...blah blah...helpful...blah

ngayon, bibigyan moko nang website, na very likely na alam ko. It contains a map, and categorical directions on how to get there. I can actually take a bus (i know!),and take a 2 day trip to get there. I mean, helloo---nde ba obvious, Im asking for a 'localised' direction, something which you yourself will take.
toink toink.
Dont you think its easier have you just commented on which is the nearest mrt station, and what bus to take from there?

Does your freakin' website tell you which is the nearest mrt station?? hinde. (gigil)
it gives you a map--like you want to go there on foot.
as if you own a freakin' car,and that as if you and your freakin' car will want to go there, really.

Then again I wont forget how I supressed all that gas and laughter when a certain someone gave me advise on how to 'get scholarships' (for pete's sake)

He said: Ganito, type mo 'to... '' tapos may search bar don, yung rectangle na may blank...'

Bawal tumawa.

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