Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cheesy songs and flights o' fancy

Sunday was chorale practice (yes, bad habits never die). After two weeks of absence (conferences, long over due meetings), and missing the 'group photo op', it felt weird that Im still keen to go on, and join them. Its as if there's no such thing as momentum for me when it comes to this 'interest' that is chorale singing--thus Ive realised I really like what Im doing. Wah. Finally. Surprises of suprises, diba? Gee, I bet Miro will 'tambling' forever. The group's atmosphere was pretty much similar to chor-al's --the chorale ensemble I used to be part of--hmm...now using the term 'used to' sounds weird! (awwww...miss ko na sila)

Henewey, now that Im in Singapore (for almost four years! where'd that go?) and after several trial and error with different chorale/music ministries, Ive decided to settle (i think!). Psalmi's structure is a bit complicated, as it is loosely connected with the FX Choir at St Ignatius. Its not really problematic, but lets just say, hmmm..Im with Psalmi. Its not your regular church choir, but is a choir. firyud. Like the Mads, like the UST Singers (not that we're at par, okay? hehe).

We're nomads (aren't we all?), hence the different practice venues. Last Sunday was at Kiko's at Casa Sophia. Where? Up there o! ------------> yeah, and a couple more walks. Excuse my french, but wadapak?? talaga naman. When I reached Kiko's, my heart was beating to the milliseconds. Cardio ba itoh? I heard its 140 steps. Steep steps. No, I ddin't count, and Im not planning to confirm it by doing it again. After four hours of practice we had to face the sad realisation that its Monday the next day. Packing our things, Manny said 'sa stairs tayo dumaan' (lets hit the stairs). Everyone: 'Tara'
(Lets go). Joy, knowing how my plight went, looked at me and said ' O, eh baket parang hindi ka masaya?' (and how come you dont look happy?). Me: away nalang tayo, ano? (NB: no english translation for this, sounds sooo better in Tagalog. hehe)

Turns out that walking down (of course) those flight of stairs is better done when you're with a group of rowdy individuals happily chatting away. Before you know it, you're almost there.

Now, for that cheesy song, as my title suggests...its called 'Love is the Answer' . Its the most keso-ful thing on the face of the earth, but hell--the arrangement is full of movements--dynamics and blending. I heard its a regular church song/wedding song although I've never encountered it before (maybe becuase chor-al was never a church song-fixture? hehe) . Some of the lyrics may put you off, but its a love song, so its a given (heehee). Here's my favourite (first part!):
Morning comes and I must go
dawn is breaking yonder
after all those places I have been
now im going home
Now if only I get a remedy for sore legs and knees. Can love account for that? (you cheesy little twit!)

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