Monday, November 5, 2007

things Ive learned last Friday: seryosong bagay ang mass media. seryoso

Ewan ko ba.
Last Friday, Ive decided to brave the sweltering heat (naks, heroic),
And proceed to the HSSML Library over at Biz School to borrow this book on Media transformation.Magsusulat kasi ako nang rebyu. Kelangan nang amo ko, para may-i-submit sya sa isang ka chervahan para naman madagdagan ang anik anik nya sa papel. (hah, pag tlaga naming napa translate pa nila ito nang mabuti, talagang magbibitiw na aketch. Malaki na ang kinikita nang baklitang translator nila ha).

Finding the stack/shelves were quite easy than I expected—the very one Im looking for is positioned right in front of the entrance of level 2. Now, the process of actually finding the book is tricky. Lets just say that the control code is PN5449eklat. Unlike the other stacks wherein the same letters occupy the enter shelving unit, ‘PN’ is limited to just half of a shelf. Syempre, maduduleng ka. Kainis, kse it was supposed to be a stack on media/press, which specific studies on Singapore.

According to what remains of the stack, there seem to be a ‘lack’ on writings regarding the press in this country, to the point that I can’t even get ‘another’ book instead, and cross reference. Kyut, diba?

Eto ang mas kyut…kalahati nung shelf, plus yung shelf just below ‘PN’ –on them can be found the ‘comics’ section. O diba, seryoso? Does it actually tell me ‘Iha, the topic you are pursuing is as entertaining as a comic book, kaya they’re just too close to one another’. Goody.

I am so feeling the love right now, I want to cry.

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