Friday, November 2, 2007

The post

I was actually set to post something else. Nasty piece of blind item that questions the authority of ‘technical experts’. It involves one’s astounding revelation that you can’t report that ‘you did not get a digest report’ if THERE ACTUALLY IS NO CONTENT. Now, ‘come closer (smiling broadly, actually reads: ‘hinayupak ka’)… anu sa palagay mo ang ida-digest nang sistema, kung wala kang ipini-feed…ha??ha??’

Okay, okay…enough of that.

A few videos from the Land of Smiles a.k.a. origin of my one and only ‘former’ (duh) roommate, Patamawadee.

Hay. These Thai commercials make me laugh. And cry. My fave's dated two years ago, and its an 'anti piracy ad' within the lines of 'kill bill'. Super katuwa yon. I'll see if I can unearth it from somewhere.

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