Wednesday, November 14, 2007


It will be four and a half days of working one’s charisma, I tell you. Im starting to compile different ‘answer angles’ to several redundant (till my ear bleeds) questions, plus motivate myself so much for me to answer these questions with interest until the last day: ‘What do you think of the current situation in your country right now?’ ‘What can we do to help Myanmar?’ ‘Given that you were given this opportunity, and that the rallying point is great, will you do something about this?’ Oh blah. Why can't we settle for 'Whats up?'

Yes, folks, its called the ASEAN conference. Im attending two separate events actually--the ‘youth’, and the ‘business’ categories. One way looking at it is that it’s like a sort-of holiday: you get to sit, pretend to listen to whoever is on the microphone-- the challenge therefore is simply staying awake the whole time. Another way of looking at it is when you decide to ‘participate’—fuel some thoughts, argue, debate with speakers, or other attendees—simply put, be ‘there’—bright shiny and awake. I haven’t really decided on which decision to trod, but silly old me—say, 65% wants to get something done on the wake of these events. Especially the youth conference. I mean, c’mon—we’re all grown up now, at this point. Successful young professionals who used to be so idealistic and hopeful. Its been more than a year since the first alumni conference, we probably need to do something workable.

For the business conference—well, Im not sure. Im not that optimistic, really. Probably because I know I don’t have anything to offer to them (waw). Aside from some ‘love’ and nosebleed, I don’t think I’ll be getting anything in return anyway. So yes—the youth conference it is.

Lets see—stay awake, stay awake…stay awake.

p.s. Besides, my roomie will be back! Fresh from the fresh valleys of Chiang Mai, and the hallowed (is it really? Teehee) halls of Manchester…Patamawadee Jongruk, future Pihetsi! Will try to post pictures, pramis.

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