Friday, November 23, 2007

So I thank God for them (and Fridays, of course)

its christmas time in the office! yay!
(opo, against the light po ang kuha. take note, nde kuhang photographer yan, photo-taker lang,
so please spare me--tehee...bitchy)

(Becky Fact#1: I soo love Christmas time. It keeps me sane, warm and 'reminded')

oh mah gawd...may buwan. (followedby bellowing echo: May buwan sa Singapore!) A view of Holland V from Block 12

(Becky fact#2: I soooo love the skies at night time. I love seeing stars. Reminds me of were I came from (nah, not the stars..)--and since this is Singapore, the land of the glittering articial nightlights and sounds, Im very much happy to settle for the moon for the meantime.)
p.s. Awww..that sounded sad. NOT! okay? :)

healthy things kuno.

Becky fact#3: Pakwan is not really a favourite. I only eat it in very teeny quantities. The one I crave for in this set is the..(gasp) orange. Opo--parang bata. :) Im just eating everything to spite this friend of mine who likes watermelons--minus the 'damo'. Pang-asar lang.

walang tao. My workplace hallway. This is the the left wing from the lift. No more comments.

Becky fact#4: Just in case I breach another rule, and end up in trouble. Again. :)

Batang kyut.

Becky fact#5: I am so naming my kid Mitsurugi Wins! (or...Talim Wins!) yes--take note...two names, with exclamation mark

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