Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Some things never change. EVER

whadahell? (refugees at the LOOF elevator)

your favourite striploin steak on the haus!

my roommate for the conference, from batch #$%%--wahaha

(Indonesians, Thais, Vietnamese, Singaporean, Laotian, Pinoys) After four years of makeovers, graduate school, failed and miserable love lives plus stories to tell-- they're now reckless, underpaid, all-star professionals (underpaid, except for Alwin...hmmm)

after double booking conferences, barely making it to dinner, a killer headache and frozen limbs and shoulders, migraine girl whips up her non existent 'look very focused' smile. this turned out to be her best 'clueless' pose.

Yeah, our Malaysian, Burmese (obviously), Cambodian and Bruniean friends couldnt make it. well, there's always next time.

*will post pictures taken four years ago, and you'll definitely get what i mean

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