Saturday, November 10, 2007

Just when you think you can't get anymore Psychic: Rico and Rica

This is my flatmate. Yes, I wont be giving out his full name, due to the writ of habeas corpus (nice name!).
We have this 'counterpart' thing going on right now (and hell yeah, as long as we're flatmates), and it not only concerns our respective names, but the colours of our rooms, our preference for toys and the food we eat. So you can imagine, I tell you, its a good ice breaker:

Guest: hindi nga?
Rica: oo nga
Rico: no stir
Guest: rica and rico?? ano yan joke?
Rica: like susie and geno
Rico: boy and girl

It can drag on for hours, and before you know it, our guests will come home amused, thinking it was the smartest realisation next to immunity vaccinations.

The jokes can get more annoying:
'my flatmate's got a dark blue feature wall, while I painted mine pink. guess what his name is...'

Now after getting him to write a wishlist for christmas, (and violently coercing him to actually do it) he finally hangs his list on his door. Sabay sabing 'hah, may voltes v nako'. sinunod ni Santa ang list nya. Lemme check mine again....leche, baket yun ang may check sa akin? Not following instructions, iha.

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